Estate Planning Resources

Planning and Related Forms

(Click links below to download resources)

  • Client Asset Information Form
  • Anatomical Gift Form (PDF)
  • Anatomical Gift Form (Microsoft Word)
  • Location of Important Papers (PDF)
  • Location of Important Papers (Microsoft Word)
  • Inventory Update For Schedule A (Microsoft Word)
  • Trustee Directory (Microsoft Word)
  • Estate Planning Letter (Microsoft Word)
  • Commonly Asked Questions (Microsoft Word)
  • Location Lists (Microsoft Word)

Married & Unmarried Life Insurance Schedules

  • Intro 4.1 (Microsoft Word)
  • Life Insurance Policies & Annuities (Microsoft Word)
  • Schedule A1 (Microsoft Word)
  • Schedule A2 (Microsoft Word)

Reports and Education

At first glance, the concept of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) seems simple enough: a structured way to save for your golden years while deferring….

The passing of someone close to you is a difficult and emotionally draining time. The last thing you likely want to deal with is the….

Incapacity planning is a broad area of law that covers how you are cared for if you become physically or mentally unable to care for….
Although Joint Tenancy offers some short-term conveniences, in the long run it poses a host of problems that can cost you and your loved ones….
Trust Administration is the process people often find themselves in unexpectedly, after the death of a spouse or parent who created the trust prior to….
Would you like to know the intimate details of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ life? You don’t have to read her story in the tabloids or wait….
Estate planning is an essential part of life and death. In planning for our future and our family’s future, we must take stock of who….
Chances are you’ve already heard a lot about the attributes of Living Trusts: avoiding probate and legal quagmires, sometimes lowering estate and/or income taxes and….
One thing should be clear by now: we do our families and ourselves a great disservice when we fail to plan for every contingency. That’s….
Find out the most common reasons why it is important to do estate planning such as avoiding probate, protecting your assets and designating someone who….
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