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CRT: Best Tool for Proposed Tax Changes?

Tax proposals would increase capital gains rates, among other things. These proposed changes could make a Charitable Remainder Trust look even better. A Charitable Remainder Trust can earn the donor an income tax deduction upfront and defer gains on its sale of assets. Read on to learn more.

Use It Before It’s Gone

The amount you can pass free from estate tax is at a record high of $11.7 million per person. There’s legislation which would lower the exclusion to $3.5 million per person. Married people can take advantage of the current exemption. Read on to learn more.

How to Dispose of “Stuff”

Clients are often most concerned about how to dispose of their tangible personal property, i.e., their “stuff.” Often even wealthy clients are most concerned with the things around them rather than their financial accounts. What’s the best way to handle the “stuff”? Read on to learn more.

Pandemic Relief for Employers

The pandemic has been difficult for many of us, including some Estate Planning attorneys. Sometimes it’s difficult to follow all the news. But, there’s little-known pandemic relief for employers struggling from the pandemic. Read on to learn more.

Using Disclaimers to Achieve Client Goals

Disclaimers can be a good way of getting assets where you want them to go. If the disclaimer is a “qualified disclaimer,” the client isn’t treated as having made a taxable gift. This can be a great result for the client in the right circumstances. Read on to learn more.

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